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Hi10 Not charging

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zombieshy_guy81|Post time:1-27-2018 20:14:35 View:233|Reply:0

Hi, so i've had my Chuwi Hi10 for about half a year and at some point during that time i dropped it and broke the digitizer, so i put it away until i had the time to get it fixed and a month or two ago i plugged it in just for fun and it charged and turned on fine but today when i went to plug it in the orange charging light didn't come on but i figured it just burnt out somehow and let it sit for about half an hour and when i tried to turn it on i got nothing. Now when i did go to plug it in i used botha third party wallplug and cord becuase i lost the originals that came in the box with the tablet but i did use both third party cords and wallplugs when i plugged it in a few months ago. So any help would be nice thanks!

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