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Help! Google Chrome crash always!

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mori99|Post time:2-7-2018 14:16:37 View:424|Reply:4

Hi, I bought Hi8 (Q32G22150911446) and use Android 4.4.4 with Official ROM 2016.03.
I installed Google Chrome and launch it, it crash always. Everyone faces this problem???
I tried to flash newer ROM 2016.05, but WiFi does not work. So ROM version is correct, I think.
Please give me advise to launch Chrome, because it is satisfied for me to share favorite links between android and windows...
Or do I need  to flash any other Custom firmware?

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wintaey| Post time 2-6-2018 14:11:20 | Show all posts
same here i try custom rom 4.4.4 install from TWRP so many app crash
stock rom month 3/2016 is crash same
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mori99| Post time 2-7-2018 00:54:37 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Ummm, anybody can fix?
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Use magic Report| Post time 2-7-2018 01:21:33 | Show all posts
mori99 replied at 2-7-2018 09:54
Ummm, anybody can fix?

I would try to use an older version of the Google Chrome application, you can download them from
The current version of the Google browser, it is possible that it is not optimized for that version of Android so try to use a previous version and try to see if any work well on the tablet.
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azbest_hu| Post time 2-7-2018 14:16:37 | Show all posts
I checked in adb crashlog and it seems libhoudini is crashing. Which is the emulator layer for ARM apps to be able to run on x86.
So somehow the new Chrome seems to be ARM variant. I installed the same version, but for 4.1+ x86 from apkmirror and it seems working fine. I hope next update will not breake it again. ... 0-3282-137-release/
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