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Hi13, new, >10 available, U.S. $50 shipped on eBay!

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MarylandUSA|Post time:2-12-2018 07:14:46 View:500|Reply:12

MarylandUSA| Post time 2-6-2018 11:08:45 | Show all posts
Edited by MarylandUSA at 2-6-2018 14:10

I used PayPal. I tried to apply for a refund but the form said PayPal could not do so--no caveat like "try again after 30 days". Unfortunately, when you select a reason for requesting a refund, eBay doesn't provide a choice that reads, "eBay canceled the listing"--just choices like "merchandise never arrived" and "merchandise was different from what was listed." I tried calling their help line but their interactive voice system didn't accommodate my needs. I'll try again another time.

I also must get a refund on the $14 I spend on a 2-year SquareTrade protection plan for the first Hi13.

Here's a screenshot I took before the ad was pulled; unfortunately, I messed up and saved it at too coarse a resolution. Last I checked, the scammer had "sold" about 39 of these in the first 20 hours.  

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MemberChuwi| Post time 2-9-2018 07:33:17 | Show all posts
Hope you get your money back.

Concerning insurance add ons (is the plan you refer to something like this?) I found most are not worth a penny because conditions often finally end up with a 'remaining value' compensation which drops very soon to zero after few month's - and as usual - repair is uneconomical or simply not available.

These plans seem to meet what we desire - not what is finally provided. If an insurance really takes real risks it normally costs a multitude of the stuff itself and is obsolete because you can easily refund yourself cheaper...
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MarylandUSA| Post time 2-12-2018 07:14:46 | Show all posts
Yes, and even the insurer did not depreciate, it was naive of me to think that Square Trade would cover the replacement value ($300), not the amount I had paid ($50).
I ended up buying a used, year-old Hi13 with all accessories yesterday from a local guy on Craigslist. $340 for the Hi13, a Chuwi second-generation 12V charger, the docking keyboard, the H3 pen, and the usual leatherette black case. The seller had never removed the plastic screen protector and had all the boxes.
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