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This is art - JGAurora A3S review

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Techdragonz|Post time:2-5-2018 06:50:36 View:288|Reply:0

Hello guys,

Today we89are going to take a look at the JGaurora A3S.

High res imagery can be found in the video below!

Let’s kick things of by saying:  This printer is beautiful.
It has a steel frame, powercoated in white and majority of the parts are metal.However there are some 3D printed parts aswell…Which is a bummer. Because theyadvertise it as a fully metal design. If you feel the need to reprint those parts, the link will be in the video below!

Getting this built was easy. It comes pre-assembled in thebox and all you have to do is put the 2 parts together, which literally took melike 5 minutes…
The printer has a print volume of 205x205x205, which is an OKsize.
Another thing I love about this printer is the USB port, this may soundlike a detail but think about it…Micro SD cards are so small and the ports areso fragile... I wished other companies stepped away from their printers!

Once I started printing I ran into an issue…The PSU becamevery hot failed. So I asked their customer support if they would be able tosend me a replacement. And surprisingly they answered and I received it about 5days later! However that one failed too…So I ended up using an aftermarket PSU…
The printer has semi-automatic bed levelling. Make sure youlevel the bed well, because otherwise the prints will not stick to the bed! Ialso advise using a brim with all smaller sized prints.

At first the prints were pretty mediocre but once I updatedthe filmware to marlin 1.1.8 this printer prints amazingly. I have yet to haveany failed print since then.

My first print right out of the box was the calibrationcube. It looked OK, no issues.

Next of I printed the vase, which looked amazing. Then Iprinted a torture ball, which looked fairly good for being such a difficultthing to print .

And last but not least, I printed the 3D benchy boat whichlooked very good aswell.

All prints were printed in 0.2mm layer height, and overallthey looked great.

The power failure protection also works great. Once thepower comes back on it will ask you to resume and all you have to do is confirmthat.
One thing to keep in mind is that if you are printing from aUSB drive, it is best to plug out the cable that connects the printer to thepc, because if you turn on or of your pc during the print, the printer will resetwhich will result in a failed print.

As this printer is now giving me pretty good results I willuse this printer to print my 3Dlabprint plane designs. So stay tuned for that!
This printer is a good option for beginners, but I dorecommend updating the filmware right away and yea, buy a spare Power supply!Once those things are sorted out, you will have a perfectly working printerthat can print very nicely.

If you have any ideas of stuff like accessories for tablets or so to print on this beautifull printer let me know

Don't forget to check out my review video here:
There you will find all links aswell
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