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Help! Not charging, keyboard faulty

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LuckyCK|Post time:2-6-2018 03:21:45 View:580|Reply:2

I’ve only had this laptop for about six months,  but even only a two monthes or less into owning it, I was having all sorts of issues: some of the keys on the keyboard stopped working (not a software issue, either; I’ve been using an external keyboard and that’s working fine) and sometimes my laptop wouldn’t charge while I was using it, or the charger would get super hot when I charged it. I’ve tried to contact Chuwi before but gotten no response.
And yesterday when I plugged the laptop in it didn’t charge. Like, it won’t charge at all. The past few monthes it hasn’t always started charging on the first try, but usually if I wiggled it around for a few minutes it would start working. Not this time. This time I’ve been trying to get it to work nearly all day and it hasn’t done a thing.
I seriously regret choosing this laptop to buy; most other things about it seems great, but the fact that I’ve gotten no costumer service and I started having this many problems only weeks after buying it is just bad. I spent money on this laptop yet I’m so limited in times where it actually works. Plus it’s difficult to find basic information like where to buy a replacement charger.
If anyone knows of a way to solve my charging problem that’d be great. Like seriously, I’ve got things I need to edit which I can’t do without it.

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manonegra222| Post time 2-6-2018 03:20:35 | Show all posts
I'm sorry that your computer is giving you problems.

The first thing you should do is plug the charger for a few hours and then, with the charger on, press the power button for a minute, more or less, to see if this will get you started.

If you do not get it, you should check the battery charge and you should make sure that the charger is working properly or that the cable you connect to the computer or the computer connector itself is correct. Most of the cases are presented by a bad connection or failures in the charger. If you have checked this, the following would be to measure the battery voltage, but for this you will need expert hands and a multimeter.
If everything is correct, then we can think of a possible blockage that can be solved by disconnecting for a few seconds and reconnecting the red battery cable to the motherboard. If in spite of that it continues without answer we will be able to think that the problem is directly of the motherboard.
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manonegra222| Post time 2-6-2018 03:21:45 | Show all posts
The keyboard problem seems entirely hardware, so I suggest you request a replacement to
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