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Annoying little problems with my hi10 plus

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marras|Post time:2-8-2018 06:36:28 View:226|Reply:1

Hi, I love my chuwi hi10 plus, nice performance and battery for the price. But I've little problems with my unit, most of them after last win 10 update (thinking to rollback to stock)...
1. random black screens, but I know that it's known bug.
2. touchscreen works, but when I click it thinks that I click with right button, so I can't actually click or use with touch.
3. each time I power on the machine, type c doesn't work, I can only charge it. I've to reboot and after works well. I've some type c hubs, one of them with type c female that allows charging, and at first boot if I connect the charger, the hub is recognized and works.
4. sometimes when I connect the charger, it says "connected but not in charging, I've to reboot to solve.
please help me! a rollback to stock windows, could help me?
thank you

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doodzilla| Post time 2-8-2018 06:36:28 | Show all posts
did you try the rollback?
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