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how to fix my broken screen Hi10 plus

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joki0924|Post time:2-14-2018 14:37:40 View:179|Reply:2

Hi, everyone.
few days ago, i dropped my tablet (Hi10 plus) from table and touch screen was broken.
It displays well, but half of my screen doesn't work with touch inputs.
I want someone please tell me where do I have to go to repair my broken tablet or where do I have to send to repair it.
and I also want to know the price of repairing it.


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manonegra222| Post time 2-13-2018 10:02:14 | Show all posts
It has several options:

1. Repair on your own. There are users who have done it by themselves and have even left a tutorial on YouTube to help other users. If at the end it was decided, I could pass you links.

2. Repair at a local technician. Depending on where you live, you can find a specialized workshop on tablets where they will repair it without problem.

3. Contact telling them your address and they will guide you where the nearest technical service is located or the instructions for sending it to be repaired. Here you can also provide the spare.

The cost, from option 1, which can leave for about 20 dollars to about 80 to which would have to add shipping costs.
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Techdragonz| Post time 2-14-2018 14:37:40 | Show all posts
Yea, buy a screen online and put it yourself. If you like DIY I'd choose this.

If you can find a technician that is willing to repair it you can go there.

Sending it back to chuwi, idk if they have fixed their issues with there tablets getting lost...
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