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Is there a touch screen update for Surbook Mini?

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Ricey155|Post time:4-6-2018 01:06:42 View:698|Reply:4

Just wondered if there was an update for the touch screen at all? I see the main Surbook had one. the mini is OK not great. I would say workable but a tad frustrating at times when in a rush to get stuff done only to find you missed a letter here and there.

cheers in advance any links would be great.

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thechouby| Post time 3-7-2018 10:39:21 | Show all posts
+1 I agree

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storm| Post time 3-18-2018 13:38:15 | Show all posts
I don't use my Surbook Mini because of this issue. It's making me SO angry.
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thunder43| Post time 3-20-2018 06:58:54 | Show all posts
You don't need a driver update. Just install Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and the touch screen will work much better. Additionally you can make these settings in the registry (source: XDA). These are actually intended for Microsoft Surface, but also help with Surbook Mini. Everything will then work as it should.

Found a key for touch prediction that when edited showed a marked improvement in keyboard responsiveness and small item manipulation ie classic desktop, file explorer, etc.
The key is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\TouchPredict ion

Edit key for latency from 8 to 2.
Edit sample time from 8 to 2

If you have problems with the installation of 1709 fall creators update, you have to enlarge the 100 MB EFI partition (was necessary for my Surbook Mini and also for a 12" Lapbook Pro). For this you need the software "Easeus Partition Master free". Take the following steps:

1. reduce Windows c:\ partition by 400 MB and move the partition backwards, so that there is 400 MB free space in front of it.
2. let this action be executed --> restart
3. clone the 16 MB partition and copy it to the Windows C partition
4. delete old 16 MB partition
5. Enlarge 100 MB partition
6. restart and install 1709 update

This helps with all China Tablets, Mini PCs and Notebooks.

PS: Sorry for my english. This is translated with DeepL.
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Ricey155| Post time 4-6-2018 01:06:42 | Show all posts
Good info Thunder 43 wondered why updates would not install, i ended up disabling them all together as always reverted back to old version !!
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