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Poppy|Post time:3-13-2018 09:25:07 View:218|Reply:3

Hello, I have an question. I own Hi10 PQ64G42161100356 and I would like to change Android with RemixOs what are chances of me doing that and would you be able to help me out?


Use magic Report| Post time 3-11-2018 07:38:54 | Show all posts

It refers to a normal Hi or a Hi10 Pro, specify the tablet model and the processor version it has.
For the serial number that indicates I think it's a Hi10 Pro is it correct?
In this case:
-For normal Hi10 I do not see any official file to install Remix OS.

-For the Hi10 Pro if there is a Remix file for the Z8300 CPU before the serial number Hi10 PQ64G42160905000 (including this serial number)
I just made a check by downloading the official file of Remix for the Hi10 Pro and I see that the installation would cause it to have to install Windows again since only the file "flash.json" is available with which all the data of the tablet.

You have another option to install a Remix Rom modified by Konstan. It is necessary to be clear about the steps to be taken, since the installation of this Rom is necessary to flash a Recovery TWRP and the installation of the files corresponding to its number. series. Installing this Rom does not lose Windows data.

Any modification of the operating systems has its risk for this, it is advisable to make a backup of the current state of your Tablet.

Confirm which option you are most interested in and indicate the correct data of your Tablet model if you want to continue with the installation of Remix OS.
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Poppy| Post time 3-13-2018 09:16:44 | Show all posts
Hey, well. I don't have docking keyboard or anything. I only have one OTG cable for one usb. So that might be an problem.
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Use magic Report| Post time 3-13-2018 09:25:07 | Show all posts
You will need an 8GB USB drive, keyboard and mouse. If you are only going to be able to connect an OTG cable device, it will be a problem.
I recommend if you do not have the necessary elements do not make any changes to your tablet, there are few differences between one and another operating system.
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