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H1 Stylus For HI12

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bins|Post time:3-29-2018 01:18:33 View:318|Reply:5

Have there been any developments on this?

I purchased the HI12 primarily for the stylus capabilities and have not been able to find a pen.

I did order one from someone who, in the end, didn't have it in stock and the H3 doesn't work.

Can someone a ChuWi tell me when H1's will be available and from where OR what alternate stylus I can use, other wise, I have wasted my money.

What really annoys me is that I recommended this to a friend and the one he got is H3 and it is great.

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Motobot| Post time 3-13-2018 04:17:54 | Show all posts
Hello bins,
You can search a solution for yourself Click
I recommend you read these threads first of all Click Click
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copps| Post time 3-14-2018 00:48:18 | Show all posts
Also in germany since longer time not available.
I think, the producer of the HI PEN stopped the production, because the pen has bifggest problems to do right functions.
I self have this experience.Under Windows he does what he want not what i want. Under Android it is doing what i want.
Also the two buttons there I founf no way to configruate.
And i ask me, why CHUWI do not resolve this problems to be able self to provide a HI PEN for people as you. That is avery bad customer service .
Wolfgang Porcher
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bins| Post time 3-14-2018 04:06:26 | Show all posts

I had missed those threads, but the issue is not H3 related.  I have the older version of the HI12 (by a few weeks!) and the H3 doesn't work!

I will download that driver and get another H3, but I will not be holding my breath........

BTW, I think you previously said that you had a H1 you do not use - would you sell it/send to UK?
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Motobot| Post time 3-14-2018 13:09:37 | Show all posts
OK bins,
You can write me your address in the PM. I will send it to you.
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bins| Post time 3-29-2018 01:18:33 | Show all posts

apologies for the late reply, as I did not get a notification of your reply and thank you for your kind offer.


I installed the driver you indicated in your link and the H3 now works under W10.  No luck with Android, but whilst a pain, not a deal breaker.

Again, thanks for your help.
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