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Hi13 HDD disappeared after WIN10 Update

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artowi|Post time:6-13-2018 00:17:07 View:1251|Reply:10

On the first run of a new Hi13 SN Q64G45180201525 Windows 10 suggested an update which started normally but after reboot the Hi13 would keep the CHUWI logo for long time and will only get to the EFI  Shell screen now:

When I press F7 during boot to enter BIOS Setup I see 'unknown' HDD

I don't know how the HDD should be shown but it seems suspicious to me.
Following the instructions to put WIN10 on USB-Stick with NTFS Format labelled WINPE will start installation but the script stopps because no HDD found which could be used to install WIN10.

The boot options will only show 'EFI shell'  and the USB-Stick with Windows but no HDD

I don't think its a wise idea to install any other BIOS as a random try.

Does anyone have a suggestion what to try to make a HDD reappear ?

Thank you very much!


Use magic Report| Post time 6-8-2018 22:33:41 | Show all posts
I think you can try to perform a Windows 10 installation by downloading a bootable USB from the Microsoft website with half creation tool to boot the clean installation of Windows 10 Home 64 Bit.
Once you have created the USB, it would be connected in the Tablet and start with F7 until it offers the options of starting from the USB, accept the Windows terms and start a custom installation to get to the partition table and delete all, where then the installation is accepted in the unassigned free space. Well if everything goes correctly, Windows should start where then it would be necessary to install the drivers in the Tablet, for this previously we would have to enable the installation of unsigned drivers.

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manonegra222| Post time 6-9-2018 00:13:13 | Show all posts
Of course, what shows here does not look good.
Everything seems to indicate that the eMMC memory unit has stopped working and therefore you will not be able to use it. If this has happened as accounts and not to an improper shutdown during an update, the only solution is to return the tablet to the buyer and exercise the guarantee. If instead you have turned off the tablet during some internal process that has blocked the Bios, you can try to recover it by flashing the Bios with the official download section of this forum.
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artowi| Post time 6-9-2018 02:30:10 | Show all posts
Thanks for your replies!   

@   The effect is like trying to install Windows on a PC which as no HDD installed physically.  No way to delete or create a partition table

@ manonegra222   Thanks! The keywords 'corrupted eMMC' allowed me to find more reports of similar effects on other brand products and unfortunately it looks not very promising.  The eMMC controller configuration seems not to be part of BIOS and the BIOS itself is still functional.  The versions on the download section here are different and the unit affected was brand new with 2018 serial number.
The irony of this case is that I got this Hi13 just a week ago from CHUWI since a defective one could not be repaired at the Hungarian repair shop for almost one year.  I was so happy to finally get a working Hi13 and seeing it getting bricked by regular Windows Update (while connected to power supply) was really sad.  

If anyone has specific hints on how to fix eMMC controller problems I would be very grateful.  If I find a solution I will post here.
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Use magic Report| Post time 6-9-2018 02:47:33 | Show all posts
Edited by at 6-9-2018 11:49

The good description of his problem seemed to indicate that the EMMC was missing, but it was very, very strange to me that a bad update of Windows dies the hard disk of the equipment. I do not just understand, how can an EMMC leave the system update down.
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Motobot| Post time 6-9-2018 18:09:51 | Show all posts
Hello artowi,
You are unlucky with your new device the second time. Apparently, you will have to go through this thorny path of warranty return of the defective device again.
There are many possible causes of the malfunction. This can be as a banal loss of contact in places of soldering, as well as the failure of the controller in the SoC.
Of course, a tablet failure during a Windows update is a coincidence. But on the other hand, the lengthy process of updating, of course, is one of the stresses for hardware. After all, a tablet works for a long time with a full load on its CPU and disk.
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artowi| Post time 6-11-2018 00:25:14 | Show all posts
Edited by artowi at 6-11-2018 00:26

The final end?

I got a surprisingly fast reply from :

go to our website forum,base on your model and serial number
Download the  system BIOS to flash.
Try replace the U disk to do


Following this advice I flashed the latest BIOS available and now the device is bricked fully.

Apparently the BIOS offered on the website is not the correct one.

The failed HDD may be a Hardware problem as Motobot suggested so at least now I am stopped to waste more time with the Hi13.

Seems the final end of my Hi13 story now - if a miracle should happen I will let you know.
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artowi| Post time 6-12-2018 02:04:20 | Show all posts
Warning to owners of new Hi13 with serial number starting Q64G451802....  and BIOS M1W6_AP135_A.064

CHUWI service seems not aware there is a new Hardware out and they will give instruction to install BIOS I2W6_AP135.037

If you follow the instructions you have a brick.

Anyhow - I think my unit with faulty eMMC may have a severe Hardware problem which could not be fixed by only reflashing.....

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manonegra222| Post time 6-12-2018 23:15:14 | Show all posts
artowi replied at 6-12-2018 11:04
Warning to owners of new Hi13 with serial number starting Q64G451802....  and BIOS M1W6_AP135_A.064

You can try to unlock by pressing the power button for 30 seconds, then press the power button and finally, connect the charger and try to boot.

It's not safe to recover, but try
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Techdragonz| Post time 6-13-2018 00:17:07 | Show all posts
I am very sorry for your bad luck right now. I also dont seem to hnderstand how a eMMC would fail because of a windows update...
I don't think it is broken, I just think it cannot be recognised anymore by the system. (It is very unlickely that the update broke the storage unit!)

Tell chuwi service they gave wrong BIOS and tell them it bricked your Hi13.
They will help you return the device to them and hopefully you will get it back.
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