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Chuwi Lapbook SE Change eMMC for SSD

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elrullo|Post time:11-14-2018 00:58:53 View:781|Reply:1

I've bought recently a Chuwi Lapbook SE.

The problem is that I can not update the windows because the 32 GB of eMMc is not enough.
I want to move all the information to SSD or just remove the eMMC and make a new instalation.

How I can do it? I don't see any option in the BIOS in order to avoid eMMC or similar.



Use magic Report| Post time 11-14-2018 00:58:53 | Show all posts

See if this guide in Spanish helps you to do a clean installation of Windows on an SSD. If it is not your language use a translator, or ask again here the specific questions you have about a step that comes in the guide.
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