Bad factory laptop


Yesterday I got my new CoreBook X. It has light bleeding and the usb c does not work.

Help me!


I received the CoreBook X i5-8259U last Friday and I noticed that it has light bleeding,
is this normal?

My Corebook Pro has light bleeding as well, it’s normal for IPS-panels (especially lower quality ones). Nothing abnormal on that.

Could you clarify what you are trying to do with the USB Type-C-port? Not working when charging, using USB-storage or what…?

The “Bleed of Light” that my CoreBook X has is not normal, it is intense. The screen was assembled badly and sending it back to China for repair is very expensive since I will also have to pay taxes again when I enter my country.

On the other hand, the usb c does not have the battery charging function. It does not charge my laptop when I connect the power and the usb c when the official page says that it can.

I’ve read that you need a minimum 65W charger to charge via usb c.

On my Lapbook Pro the USB-C will charge with the included adapter, but it is not PD compatible, so it will not charge with a standard USB-C charger. You must use one that is self-regulated; the laptop itself will not provide that function.