Chuwi Corebook X Slow Performance after playing with BIOS

Hello guys, after playing a little bit with the Bios my Corebook X was very slow. I have reseted the Bios to the Optimazed Defaults or smth. now its a little bit faster, but not so fast as after the setup. Can anyone send me screenshots of BIOS for COREBOOKX?

No problem. I received the CoreBook X today and will start configuring it tomorrow. I will post the images of the BIOS settings here.
Any special screen?

Anyway, you can write to and request the link to download the Bios files. Once you have them, you can flash the Bios carefully

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Thanks. Yes i already writed to They didnt answer.

and? @manonegra222 ?

hello @manonegra222 .?///