Chuwi Hi10 CWI515 Q64G42180201693

I need help for my Tablet Chuwi Hi10 CWI515.
NS: HI10 Q64G42180201693
The tablet had a windows update and when it restarted windows went into blue screen mode. I tried to restart and now I can not log in windows nor as in android.
How can I solve this situation? I am getting worried.
i want also dual android and windows
Thank you

You should exit at least the system selection menu.
If not, enter the Bios, pressing Esc intermittently after the power button and once in it, go to the boot tab with the left and right arrow keys. Choose it in the priority line of Android boot and check that it works correctly.
Then turn it off again and then on again and enter the bios and select Windows, if it goes to black screen, you will have to recover the Windows startup by means of a pendrive downloaded from the microsoft website and start with it, and in the options menu advanced choose start repair

ok, then try installing Windows pendrive, thank you very much
But where is the download for Android?
Android boot does not work
tried does hard reset from recovery not work, this rare how to soluction

Hey, but you can know what the blue screen 0xc000014c is, you can know how to fix it 0xc000014c or just install Windows?

Hi10 Pro Android (2017.11):

Hi10 Pro Windows(2017.11):

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What’s up, I’m not HI10 PRO, I’m HI10 CWI515
Is the same compatible with HI10 CWI515 and HI10 PRO also?

no, your tablet is -i10 Pro or Hi10 only?

i tablet is only Hi10, not -i10 Pro


Android (Z8350):
Dualboot Chuwi Hi10 Android for 1710 Download:

Windows (Z8350):
Dualboot Chuwi Hi10 Windows for 1710 Download:


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