CHUWI HI10 PRO android

I accidentally deleted the android partition because I wanted more space but i want the android system back. Apart from the download I would appreciate a tutorial on how to install it. Thanks in advance. Model in picture.


Tutorial (same as for Vi10)

Reinstall Android

Tip: Install android programming tool in a windows 7 or windows 10 computer. If the computer is windows 8, please disable digital signature.

Step 1
Install Android programming tool: PhoneFlashTool
Step 2
Choose flash file as “flash.json” in Vi10 Plus android firmware and choose configuration as “Recover”;

Step 3
Make sure that the tablet is off.
Press the Volume “up” and “down” all the time. And the press “power” button until it occurs “【DNXFASTBOOT MOOE…】” Please connect the tablet to the computer to flash android. Then click “Start to flash” button.
When it finishes, the tablet will turn on automatically.

III. Reinstalling Windows

Step 1
Format the USB Pendrive into NTFS format and rename it as “WINPE”:

Open Windows 10 image folder to copy the sub-files to the root directory of the USB drive

Step 2
The Tablet connects Hub and plug the USB drive and keyboard in the Hub as the picture shows:
Press power button. At the same time, please click the “F7” button continuously into the boot mode as the picture follows:

Choose “UEFI:SanDisk, Partition 1” and enter press “enter” to flash Windows.
Step 3
The programming will last about 5 to 10 minutes. When it is finished, the tablet will shut off automatically. It lasts 5 minutes in the interface of Getting Ready and then it will restart Windows 10.

Thanks, i just followed your instructions but when i try to flash the tablet it gives me this error at 12%:

ERROR : [Port 1/3] Command "C:\Program Files\Intel\Platform Flash Tool Lite\fastboot.exe" "-s" "EMMC9B077059" "flash" "osloader" "C:\Users\Cristian\Downloads\PhoneFlashToolLite_5.5.2.0\安卓软件\loader.efi" failed
03/27/20 19:07:24.361
ERROR : [Port 1/3] Flash failed (Command type: Fastboot)

what am I doing wrong?

Try to remove all Chinese characters in the file path, if this does not help try the android version for newer serial numbers.

Thank you that worked just fine, just changed the chinese for something else and it flashed right away, hope that if someone else has this problem your comment helps them. For now i´m gonna leave it with just android i think.