Chuwi Hi10 XR - loose keyboard

Hi all!

I just purchase Hi10 XR and I have noticed that when connected to keyboard it is very loose. I can easily move tablet few inches each way and then I can properly close it.
You can see it on this video:

Is it normal? Also I have noticed that in bios I had “Active processors cores” option disabled which significantly influenced performance. Is that standard?

In general BIOS do minimum things for IPL(initial program loader). Several things like activation of devices, allocation of memory spaces, enumeration of devices … are done by other softwares (Windows, Linux, …) loaded by IPL.

The keyboard wobbles on mine too, by a good inch (3cm) or so, but it’s detachable so take it off and use a bluetooth one instead if it bothers you. I don’t see it as a problem personally, it’s only an accessory and doesn’t affect it’s use imho. It is only a tablet pretending to be a laptop at the end of the day. If you want a steady keyboard buy a laptop.