Chuwi LarkBox Pro Latest BIOS

What is the latest version of BIOS? My BIOS version is GB01_ZW_1_07.

If there is a newer bios can you share it?


better don’t mess with your already working larkbox or you will end up with a dead one. we all know chuwi sucks in after sales service especially in the bios area.

word of advice stay away from the bios or might as well stay away from this brand. if you think i’m kidding try changing your OS selection from Windows to Android and see what happens /s disclaimer: i’m not responsible for any brick larkbox.

Yes, I know this problem and unplugging the bios battery is not a solution for it. Unplugging the battery only resets the time, not the cmos.

I guess the solution is to reflash the bios with an external device as you can see at I need a way to reset BIOS settings to factory defaults - #58 by tomekp

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Do you have the latest version bios files, if so can you share it here?

I have only this LarkBox Pro 原物のBIOS
You can ask latest bios from

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Thanks but my bios is newer than this bios. I also sent mail to chuwi but i still didn’t get any response.