Dismantle chuwi minibook 8 to repair the hinge bracket behind the screen

How to dismantle the screen for accessing to the hinge bracket behind the screen?


Please check this post.

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First, you should remove all screws in the back. Then, check all parts related to the Hinges to unscrew and fix.

Screen bazel itself should be hold together by small brackets. Use a plastic spatula or credit card to insert between plastic parts and pass through to unclick all the brackets.

Hi… i already got to pry open the screen. Need to be extra careful as the screen not attached by clips but glue.

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OH CRAP. Glue is bad. But I believe, due to size it was a choice. Were you able to reglue it?


Yes, i was able to glue back the hinge… but it cost me a minor crack on the screen… hahaha