[Hi10 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows, Android, Bios, Driver, tutorial Download


Thanx! You are the best!:kissing_heart:

Hey, I have the following serial: HQ64G42161203367
It is Z8350 Model, which download should I use?
HQ64 seems to be the second one but the number is smaller then HQ64G42170100001. The earlier models seem to have used PQ64 for the serial though.
I need Bios and Windows please.

Hi,you should have used the 1701 version.

I bricked my HI 10 PRO and need the bios. My serial # is HQ64G42161204475


Hi, I need bios for my Chuwi Hi10 HQ64G42170303731.@Management, Help, please!


Thank you very much!

Hi, sorry for inconvenience but I am very new to all of this.
My model serial is: HQ64G42161201824

Does flashing BIOS, Android, and Windows help to update and fix the WiFi disconnecting issue?
And should I use the 1701 version?

Reinstall the drive:

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How do you install each one? Do you use device manager and update each driver individually?

If the driver used is correct, and Wi-Fi disconnections still occur, it can be motivated by hardware or software problems.
If you have had problems from the beginning, your problem may be hardware and, in particular, the Wifi antenna.
If your problems are recent after an update, the first thing I would do is a restoration keeping your files: startup, configuration, update and security, recovery, reset this PC and answer that you want to keep your files when asked. A long process will begin, which will last for hours and that you should not interrupt even if it appears to be stopped. Put the charger and wait for it to finish.
Check if your problems have disappeared. If not, retype to perform more checks.

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Sadly this problem had been here from the beginning when I first bought it (brand new). Hopefully maybe if I am able to reinstall the drives from the link it will work. Thanks.

Follow the steps in point 8 of this tutorial: https://forum.chuwi.com/t/tutorial-how-to-remove-android-and-install-windows-on-a-dualboot-tablet-intel-processors/ 1555

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Thank you for the assistance and fast response. Once my usb C to usb hub arrives I will see if this solves the wifi issue.
Also is there a way to fix the wifi issue on the android boot since I have the same problem there. Or once I fix the problem on the Windows boot it will simultaneously solve the issue on the android boot?

hi, I need bios for my HQ64G42180302100 plz


I am really confused by the structure of the information provided.
My Hi10 Pro Serial number is HQ64 G421 7090 5790
Which [Windows] driver download is for me and when was it last updated. I found out the hard way that the drivers provided in April 2018 included some wrong ones [I had, for example, to salvage the touch driver & camera** driver from my backups to replace one wrong ones].
** The suggested download
“Driver: Chuwi Hi10 Pro All drivers: https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … t3gm34oj864zp6a4s0j”
still includes those wrong components.

  • My Hi10Pro has a Camera sensor unicam gc2355 but the download wrongly contains the driver for an ov2680 instead.
  • On receipt, my Hi10 Pro had the SileadTouch driver v17 [which works] but the download has v10 [which does not work].
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Write to service@chuwi.com.