[Hi10 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows, Android, Bios, Driver, tutorial Download

Please sent me link download Bios, Remix OS, Android for Z8300 CPU Hi10 Pro, serial number PQ64G42160904010. Your old link is dead. Thanks

i need window 10 chuwi cwi529 serial number airQ64G19030029 PLX HELP MR

I would like to erase Windows partition and leave only Android on my Chuwi tablet.

Here are my specs:
-Chuwi Hi10 Pro Model: CWI529 with Serial Number: HQ64G42161202417

Thank you in advance.

Hello, i have a Chuwi Hi10 pro tablet, model cw1529, with serial HQ64G42170902358, what version am i supposed to install on my tablet? i installed android for version 2017.03 but cameras don’t work

hello i’m from indonesia. I have hi10 plus. Hi12 Q64 45170103625. touch screen does not work. HID COUMPLINT TOUCHSCREEN driver is missing. can you help me

Hi, I need a bios image for HI10 HQ64G42171103344, could anyone please assist?

Hi @Management,
Can you give me link download Android for CW1529 [Hi10 PQ64G42160902237]

Hi @Management, I accidentally wiped my drive. Can you provide me with the android and/or remix ROMs for the z8300 version (Hi10 PQ64G421608xxx) please?


I need help please. This Bios works in my serial number and fix the SD card problem?

My Wifi stoped working in Android, and works perfectly in Windows.
Can I have the USB software version for my CW1527 [Hi10 LQ64G42161200903]?
Thanks in advance…


  • i use it Model CWI527. 4G+64G Hi10 LQ64G42180301811.
  • I downloaded Bios this and installed it.
  • after that
  • Turn on the device and it’s a black screen.
  • Can’t do anything.
  • Unable to log into any system
  • Power on does not show the chuwi logo.
  • Unable to enter Bios.
  • cannot access Windows and Android.
  • There is only a black screen.
  • What do I have to do

thank you

please use exFAT file system

Hello, I need Bluetooth driver my serial number is : HQ64G421612090902
I tried Chuwi Hi10 Pro All drivers but Windows won’t accept it, like it was not made for x64 Windows

hello manager,
Serial: HeroBook P258G2081433
I need to reinstall Windows 10
Which file should I download?
Thank you

Hello, @Management
I need the bios file and windows and android instal for dual boot CWI529, serial PQ64G42161101539.
Thank you.

Hi! Could you please send me windows drivers for CWI529 HQ64G42161211581? Thank you!

Several people have now reported that my posted drivers cannot be downloaded from OneDrive.

Go to this TenForums thread and download them from there instead.
SileadTouch v17.18.16.457
Camera Sensor Unicam gc2355
Bosch Accelerometer [G-Sensor] v1.02.00
My ditties - Chuwi Hi10 Pro drivers [post #2], other changes [post #3] - TenForums

And post any questions you have for me in that thread.
[You’ll see a warning about it being an old thread but that does not matter.]

All the best,

Hello, could someone send me the BIOS for the model:

Thank you!


bios Hi10ProHQ64G42170603670BIOS



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