HID driver update for HiPen H6

I saw news about update of HID driver for HiPen H6 on Chuwi.com.

However, I cannot find the link to download the HID driver 01.03.06.

Please help me find the driver to update HiPen H6 on Ubook Pro.


Please double-click to run this:

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Thank you very much!

Hello, I accidentally updated this driver with the hi10x H6 version. Touch screen disorder, need to be repaired

I have sent you the link privately

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Same problem as Katoneyuki, please help me

What model is your device?and serial number?

Chuwi hi10x q128gh62040924


Thank you, how I can use these files?

I downloaded the HiPen H6 File and ran the update but it didnt update to 01.03.06. It updated to 01.00.01.

Hi, after updating the HID driver update for HiPen H6 my touchscreen became de-synchronized and the cursor moved constantly to the mid-right. This made it impossible to enter the text from the keyboard. I was forced to disable the touchscreen otherwise the tablet was unusable. The HiPen is working, but not very accurate. Probably I loaded the wrong driver. I have a UBook type CW1509 (11"). Serial number Q256GH62050759.

Can you help me out?

I have a chuwi hi10 pro and I tryed to use my hipen H6 but nothing happened then I updated the driver but when I clicked on “configUPdate” a black window opening and said error

Cna you help me please

i ve a hi10x with h6 pen and keyboard
after “update” driver
i’ve download the file rar find here…
BAD BAD idea!! touchscreen is out allineament
if you use pen… go other side, if you use finger same…
i try to restore windows10, but after make it the situation is always the same
i try again with file found on rar, phoenix hid, but alway it didnt 01.00.01 and touchscreen, not work
I need tablet for work
please give me a solution!!
i sent a mail on service@chuwi.com too

SERIAL NUMBER of mine hi10x is Q128Gh620603581

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Hello, i have the same problem my tablet is a chuwi ubook n4100 q256GH62064425 thanks

i want say thank’s to aftersale@chuwi.com because help me to solve the problem
Thank’s a lot!

I WANT SAY for who reading here…

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Hi, I did the same thing - Mods can you put a warning in the original post please.

ciarda, what was the fix?

They sent me a link to download 4 rar, for make a usb WINPE.
they sent me a pdf where they explained the procedure.
I created the USB, and started the USB from the bios.
it did an installation, re-instating everything, deleting everything.
Once this was done, windows opened, did the various tests, once restarted it was ready to be reconfigured. Obviously all data has been deleted.
Now the tablet is perfect, and I can work both in the office and outside.

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Hi can you please send me the pdf file because I do the same thing with the reinstallation of window but it didn’t work maybe I have forgotten something…

Update: Mines all working now, I did the reinstall of windows with 2 different versions they sent (as found in other posts) neither fixed the touch and pen issues.

I was playing around trying to reinstall the touchscreen goodixtouchdrivers one last time and it didn’t work (as before either the code 10 error or just not working still), tried on the I2C and touch panel hid drivers. however when I clicked rollback they worked (this was after the reinstall).

So I have no idea how to fix it, but try reinstalling windows via the link they send (instructions very unclear btw considering how simple it was to brake the touchscreen via an executable they link with NO WARNINGS!!!)

I don’t know what that executable does, however I’m sure its easy to reverse it rather than wiping and starting fresh.