How to apply for after-sales service for your chuwi products

I’ve bought a Lapbook pro on Aliexpress and I’m having troubles with it all the time. First the screws went of and seller sent new ones. After, the laptop opened near the battery and I sent it to repair center in Spain (since I bought from Spain warehouse) where it was for almost 3 months (I never got back the money I spent to send the laptop). After it came back I plug the laptop with the charger and it was making a strange high-pitched sound, like it was about to explode. There again, the laptop went to repair center and they said the previous thechnician put the flexcable backwards (…)
Not knowing what kind of damage that was made, they send the same laptop and here I am with problems with the USB and USB-C ports, always failing.
I don’t know about the after-sales service in China but I bought the laptop in Spain,. so, by european trade law, I’m entitled to chose either I want a new laptop or refund, since you can’t repair on a short period of time, and it’s causing trouble for me being without the laptop all the time. I just used it for few months!
I’m really not happy with after sale service disregarding the customer all the time, I’m only asking for a little common sense with this issue.

Hello, unfortunately I think that chuwi aftersales is not working well, I have been writing to you for a month about a fault and they simply do not respond to me, it is a pity that the chuwi service has fallen in this way, I have bought many chuwi products, but honestly I am thinking of doing it again.

Hi,i bought an aerobook 1 year ago ang a couple of buttons are hard to use.

the spacebar button is hard to press, the right button us always pressed (i had to buy a key disabler app to make the laptop work)

im from the manila philippines. how do i get support for this laptop?

Chuwi has NO AFTERSALES SERVICE. DONT REPAIR ANYTHING. OR MY LARKBOX IN SPAIN IS REPAIRED OR I WILL WRITE ABOUT YOU IN MY 560.000 people youtube channel and in my 54K facebook page. 07979

I don’t know the whole story, but I think it is achieved more through dialogue than by threatening.

Hi, I need the bios file for my Hi13 and the serial number is Q64G45180200856. I have tried I2W6_AP135.037&EC_219 and Chuwi_Hi13_Bios_AP1V114_X64_BIOSEC but they didn’t work. The link of M1W6_AP135_A.064 x64 is broken that I can’t find it anywhere. An email has been sent to but no reply. Could you send me the right bios file?


I need the LCD Panel Flex Cable For Chuwi Hi10 This is the number on the cable “CHT P02 C106 LCD v200”

Where can i order it from.

Tengo una tablet Chuwi Hi10 Q64G421612111835 Dual boot desde el año 2017 y necesito actualizar Android 5.1 a la versión 6.0
Por favor, pueden ayudarme. necesito saber que instrucciones debo seguir.
Muchas gracias.
Un saludo

I love Chuwi.Your fan from the Philppines :blush:

Hello I bought a larkbox on indiegogo last summer.
The tiny desktop PC is no longer working. I tried to contact the Chuwi support since the 31st of March. As of today I still had no answer on how to send the Pc to your service facility in Spain. I wrote to but they don’t even bother anymore to reply. It’s not fair to treat customers like that. I think that if chuwi can’t provide assistance and respect the warranty they provide, they should refund their customers.

I am having problems with aftersale service and seems I am not the only one. More than a month has gone since I got in touch with them to send my Herobox to Spanish maintenance service. I sent the info they asked me for and they told me somebody from the maintenance service would contact me. Still waiting. This all look like a fraud.

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I have the same problem here, I returned last week my herobook bought less than a month ago, they received it, but they do not give me information on the exchange. I was starting to worry, and I’m scared seeing that you’ve been in this situation for a month.

is this the most trusted Laptop in Europe now. looks amazing.

No hay versión de Android 6.0 para esta tablet. Intel no liberó drivers para este procesador en Android 6.0 y a partir de aquí, para ninguno de sus procesadores, por lo que fue el fin de las tablets dualboot

Rewrite, if the product is under warranty, they must assist you