How to make bootable image from UBook Pro

Hi all
I have a new Ubook Pro with 8100Y Core and update win10 and other programs.
I ask about howto make an bootable image with the news win10`s updates.
I know that if I push Fn F7 when reboot I can see the original SSD and others externals USB I could have. I can’t find any right method to backup all my SSD and restore after if I want change SSD because it brake or I want bigger SSD inside.
Any help?

This should help you. You will need to backup any data separately.

This is only for Windows 10 system files. You will need to reinstall separate programs and restore any data if you choose to reinstall Windows.

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With this tool you can make a full drive copy.

Macrium Reflect
EaseUS Todo backup ( i use this one )
Aomei Backupper

All these are Free and make a perfect copy of Disk so that you can restore Win in 5 minutes even if OS does not boot due error or corruption…

Thanks all
@Biosham, @nickolas I try to use this program and make an external image on USB HD. But I don’t see clearly how can I restore from this image if my SSD breaks? This is, really, the reason why I write this question…

Macrium make a Rescue Disk with a miniOS WInPE where you can than launch the copy. Only need to enter Bios and change to USB the Default loading Device.

EaseUS is quite same. You need to create a recover WInPE Bootable Disk on a USB stick or External HDD.

Similar for Aomei Backupper

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Hi all.
At last I do the best for me. I created a recovery image on USB pen drive and also I create a clone disk from internal SSD to External HD.
I reboot, gone to Bios and changed the boot making External HD first. I save and start and w10 active is the HD. If I take out the USB HD and reboot again, directly goes to internal SSD. If all goes wrong, I have recovered image on pen drive.
Thanks all to give ideas…

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WIN settings screen >update/backup >more options >See advanced settings >(down leftcorner screen : SYSTEM IMAGE BACKUP :create a system image : > now win is looking for your disc/ stick or memory card to make it on (connected example by USB )

simple action in Win10 , only a bit much hidden , no need for third-party program , did it already once in Chuwi pro book as this one likes blue screen tooo much after updates (most time self repairing…it)

Macrium has an option in his program that makes by booting up or restart , a multiple choice boot screen , letting choosing normal start up by windows or macrium start up , where you can doo many options …… by this no need of recovery disc or bios settings