How to recover Hi10 Air after loading Hi10 Pro BIOS?

I have made a mistake and loaded (from USB) a Hi10 Pro BIOS. Is there a way to restore the tablet? and, if yes, where is the process and correct BIOS is posted?

Never, I repeat, you should never touch the Bios of a device, just in case Chuwi publishes an update to solve problems. The Bios that you will see in the downloads section are not updates but the same ones that the devices contain in case it is unconfigured.Much worse flashing the Bios with a file of another model, this can turn your device into an expensive brick.The only solution in your case is to flash again with the correct file, but since it does not start, you should do it with the help of a clamp. The process is detailed in a thread in the official forum that will be available in a few days as the forum is in the integration phase of its own servers.

Could you point me to the recovery process description? Also, where can I find the correct BIOS image for my Hi10 Air?

If the tablet is brick it is only possible to reprogram the bios using a clamp, the process and the necessary accessories are explained in the tutorial attached. To get the correct bios you must enter the serial number of your tablet.!AqpKvT8-VB_88nVkLRZku3CLqh3y?e=kLaVEs

My tablet’s serial number is Q64G190603125.
If I will also have to reinstall Windows can I use the link provided by you for Hi10 Pro OEM version or there is a specific version for Hi10 Air?

HI10 AirQ64G19032096
Please provide the info for the above serial number. I am facing the same problem.

Also please inform if there is any emergency procedure for flashing bios from the hard disk as in case of HP notebook. Please refer the screenshot.

Each device has its specific room, you should not use another. In the support and download section of this forum you have the rom of your tablet

No, there is no way to reflash the Bios from the hard drive. The device Bios should not be touched.

I haven’t touched the device bios. It happened after a failed Windows installation. I was facing blue screen error in a new tablet. All the checks like Chkdisk, Registry check, etc, were normal. Fresh installation tries from Windows recovery gave blue screen error, so I tried it from a USB stick. The installation was cancelled after it failed, but the PC was bricked after d shutdown. So whatever has happened has happened unintended. Anyways, please provide the links for bios and drivers, so that I can at least recover the PC. It’s a new tablet. Hardly used for three months. What’s the warranty statement on this? The serial no. is already mentioned above in my earlier message. Thanks.

in the other thread I put the link to download the files. I repeat it here:


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Were you able to get your Hi10 Air working again? I’m stuck in the same situation. Would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!

I sent it to HongKong service centre and recieved it around 2 mnths later, well repaired.

I have not. I’ve decided that the device does not worth the effort