Item not in stock ... no refund

HI ,in the end of february i have command a chuwi ipad pro , i paid it …later when i asked you where was my device you said you have not in stock and i will be refund ,so you cancelled the order to refund but you didn t refund ,the 6 th march you said it will be take 7/14 days to have the money on my account .
I sent many emails since and i have no anwer. Incredible. Why? Is somebody can help me? This is not correct to don’t anwer. Give me my money back or give an another item if you don’t want refund my 219$ .
I hope you will answer.

Your order has been canceled


Refunded Items

60x60 CHUWI HiPad Pro 10.8 inch FHD screen 2.5K Android 11 OS 2-in-1 tablet 8GB+128GB - Neptune Blue / Standard / Europe (Only for EU customers) × 1

Refunded $219.00