Krita's problem


I have a problem I draw on krita and when I want to save my file in any form (kra JPEG…) it asks me under what name I want to save it and then an error message appears displays saying: "could not save /Users/Name/location where I want to save it/g.kra Reason: An error occurred while writing the file. I have already tried to save it on a another document but it didn’t work.
Can you suggest me a solution please I don’t know what to do I’m on a MacOS 10.13.16

Hello Mial,

Which Chuwi Device you are using?


I use a MacOS 10.1316

Hello, but in which CHUWI Device? Is it a MiniPC, Laptop, Tablet?

If you are using MacOS in a Device originally for Windows, you may face issues always with compatibility because MacOS was designed to run in Apple Devices only. Using in a “Hackintosh” will most times bring some issues.

ah ok so it’s a laptop


Which model is your Chuwi Laptop?


I am French and I speak rather good English but suddenly I do not know the vocabulary used for computers so I did not understand what you were talking about sorry in any case I solved my problem and thank you for having me answered