LarkBox color depth problem

Hi Chuwi,

I’ve got a problem. I’ve got my new Chuwi LarkBox miniPC. Everything is O.K., but there is one problem. I’ve installed all of the latest drivers (wifi, bluetooth, UHD…), but the screen color depth is only 8 bit and i cannot switch to 32 bit. This is rather annoying. The video experience is unenjoyable so. My monitor/television is LG 26LV5500, I join to the television with 2.0 HDMI cable. What is the problem, and how can i solve it?

Thank you very much.


There’s something wrong with Video drivers… but didn’t have that ‘color depth’ one (so far :roll_eyes:)
Did you check in Windows settings ? Did you check if all devices are recognised in Devices Manager ?

Yes, from Intel’s own web page I downloaded the freshest drivers because with the Windows’s basic drivers the problem came forward already. The trouble that the same trouble is the freshest driver following his setup. 8 bit ones the colour depth was left instead of the 32 bits and I can put it in another place nowhere.

Yes, I had problems with update from Intel’s Driver Assistant… Reverted to previous :frowning:
Can’t say more,didn’t try any further… Will try this week and see what happens (if possible)

Thanks, I don’t understand, because on the Intel’s web page (you can see the attached document) i can see that the color depth is 32 bit, but on the Windows control panel, i can see 8 bit. Hmmm…

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You are confusing windows color depth (a thing from windows 98 era) with your monitor hardware capabilities. It means windows and GPU sure do use a 32bit colot depth (and you can check it in Right-click on your Desktop and select Display Settings , Advanced , Adapter , and List all modes) but your monitor is only capable of 8bit (most likely even 6bit + FRC).

I’ve tried a lot of things. I have 2 another monitors, but the problem is the same. I’ ve bought a new HDMI 8K cable, but the problem is the same. I don’t know.

It’s ok it’s not a problem. This win10 menu shows you your monitor color depth hardware capabilities. Everyone have exactly the same if their monitor is 8bit (and the most of us have an 8bit monitor). It has nothing to do with win10 32bit color depth.