Larkbox dead after apply recovery

Hi everyone,

I received larkbox shipment from indiegogo weeks ago and just have time to open box and recover using image provided by Chuwi, however, it enters the bios directly after the recovery process!

I checked and found there is no storage found (both internal and external storage, thumb drive with the recovey image still there).

I tried to enable CSM compatible mode, the generic SD module and external storage can be found, but still no e-mmc storage

Then I use the thumb drive to enter recovery again, the command windows comes out in red color and shows error 13 message to me

I tried also the SSD I prepared, inserted into the M2 slot (mine is Lit-on S940, M.2 2242 SATA), still no internal storage can be found.

Does anyone experience the same issue and any solutions can solve? Or I need to return to back to Chuiwi?