LarkBox from Indiegogo


I got the same response via email when I wrote to them about the Larkbox shutting off at random moments. I reminded them that I bought it directly through Indiegogo, I have not gotten a response yet.

New issue: I also found that when I installed the M.2 SATA SSD (yes, it’s SATA :smiley:) the device would not boot properly. I went into the BIOS and changed the SATA configuration from “Hard Drive” to “Solid State Drive” and that allowed it to boot and it then recognized the drive. So if you are seeing basic problems after installing an SSD, this is worth validating in the BIOS.

Like the fan disabled issue, why would they leave the default state of the SATA drive in the BIOS be ‘HD’ when the only possible choice is ‘SSD’?


Oh well,yet another nail…
Thanks for sharing :wink:

Download and install 2004 on Larkbox, cooling fan as a whole.
The icon for the BIOS, whether to do something special or install a driver.
Collectively :cry:

I finally got my LarkBox this week. (Indiegogo) So far the only issue was the Windows Update. There was a major hang during one of the updates, and eventually the computer froze up completely and I had to shut it down with the power button. But when it cam back up, I was able to complete all of the updates successfully and now everything seems to be good. I haven’t used it much yet, but the things I’ve tried all work OK. I’m not even sure what I’m going to use it for (I have two other desktops and multiple laptops) but I’m one of those gadget nerds who has to try new things!


Haha, I couldn’t have said better ! Once a nerd, always a tech addict :rofl:

I’m an idiot too :slight_smile: I use it alternately.

Same here.

I started to reinstall Windows from a flash drive I had made a while back with Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool, got to the ad for Microsoft 365 then back to the blank screen.

Tried two live Linux distros (Mint XFCE and ZorinOS Lite), both will run only in “compatibility mode,” but since there’s no option to install them that way, I’m not about to try it.

Computer still seems to be running after the screen goes blank, but there’s no video output.

I used the “ask a question” link on the Indiegogo page to ask for a refund or a fix. No answer yet.

Went to leave a one star review on Amazon and got this: “Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews.”

After installing Windows 10 current version 2004 didn’t help, I got hold of the previous version 1904 and installed that. Nope. Same thing. Got further into the install process before the screen blanked, but it blanked and now I have a useless blank screen again. So….
Windows 10 preinstalled does not work.
Windows 10 2004 and Windows 10 1904 installed from USB do not work.
ZorinOS 15.3 Lite and Linux Mint XFCE 20 only work live in compatibility mode, not safe to install.

I’ve found that having a fan blowing at the Larkbox helps with a new windows install. A default windows install does not enable the fan so it’s important you keep it cool until you get to installing the drivers. I’ve installed 2004 twice now with no problems whatsoever, just keep a fan on it until you’ve installed the drivers.

Someone on the forum has posted the driver already, but if you can’t find them I can provide a link if needed.

Good luck!

You are very exceptionally lucky.