Microsoft azure active directory - driver package and pen drivers

The drivers of the h6 pen installation always fails. (can’t find a file…) I’ll upload a picture later to show what’s written. So the buttons of the pen are not working. (in options activated wihh windows ink and Screenshot)

Just got another question you or someone else could help me with

As I’m using the ubook pro for daily work with my own company I’d just wanted to register via azure local directory (as company safety services etc are installed afterwards automatically)

I can go through all steps L, even microsoft authentication works) than a loading window appears and shows me not possible please repeat or abort.

Reinstalled windows again cauze I thought there’s an error (complete wipe with partition delete)

As I already installed like 50 laptops with the Microsoft azure AD via local directory iam sure I’m doing everything fine :slight_smile:

Thanks jn advance