Minibook Front Camera

My MiniBook never find front camera, so there is no front camera entry in device manager. I tried to perform hardware scanning at device manager, but there is no upgrade found. Now I cannot apply front camera and I have no idea to be enable front camera. Could anyone support me?

Front Camera Fix

Try a System reset via BIOS

I tried as the following, but no effect.
BIOS start
→ Security
→ Reset to Setup Mode
I cannot find other appropriate command in BIOS.

Front Camera Fix Method 2

Go to Device Manager
Select Cameras and click on Search for changed hardware.
Go to settings
Click on devices
Check more devices for your Camera
If it isnt there, click on add Bluethooth or another device
Click on all others.
Then Click on USB 2.0 Camera and click on connect

Best regards

When a device disappears from the device manager it may be due to either a hardware or a software problem.
The most frequent hardware problems are motivated by the fact that the flex that communicates the camera with the motherboard has been damaged by the effect of the hinges when closing the lid.
Software problems come from the loss or update of the driver by an unsupported one that does not recognize the device. In this case it would appear in the device manager, either with a yellow triangle or in the list of unknown devices.
I would try a system reset from Windows options, but keep in mind that you may lose information or applications, so you must make a copy before: startup, configuration, update and security, recovery, reset this PC