Miniboook Battery and also replacement not charging

Hello Chuwi Support

My Chuwi Minibook Y8100 only works with Power Supply. Battery not work. Then i bought a new battery from China but this one also does not work.
With both batteries the red charging light is blinking. And Windows 10 said Battery Full and Level is 255 Percent. Sometimes also said battery not detected. AIDA64 detect the battery. SN is 12345679… Strange…

So i tried many things. Replug Battery. Press Power for 30 Seconds. I also recharged the battery with an extern Lipo loader. After power on with connected Power supply and charged battery the chuwi boot and runs Windows 10 but did not charge the battery. Also run after remove power supply. Switching on without Power Supply does not work. (No BLUE LIGHT)

Also reinstall Windows 10 from Original Chuwi Image.

After reading all the posts and also flashing the bios nothing changed.

So i want to try reflashing the EC.

Please send me this file for 8100Y (Europe Version)

Someone any ideas?

Thank you very much