[Official Version] The forum no longer provides BIOS to the customer

Based on past experience, providing a BIOS to a customer carries a high risk of turning a device into a brick. (Wrong operation or downloaded wrong version)

Actually,BIOS is only needed when the device cannot be turned on.

Therefore, The forum will no longer provide the customer with BIOS.

If necessary, please describe the reason for the need for BIOS (or describe the device problem) and send an email to aftersale@chuwi.com for processing.


You can just provide newer BIOS with fixes etc, and it’s user’s responsibility to flash. Your only responsibility is to provide correct BIOS version for Minibook. I don’t think that there is any device in the world that has the same BIOS that had on production.
*Battery meter that stuck on 100% until unit shuts down, is a BIOS bug for sure and I think it’s your support’s responsibility to fix that silly bug on a unit that cost that much, it wasn’t a cheap one and Minibook and it’s users deserve better support and problem solver…

So, I think you must reconsider your opinion. Only if there is no support for BIOS fixes and there will be no newer version, that I will understand.

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I agree with kostas-k, you should reconsider and my suggestion would be to create a program for driver and firmware updates which does the job for the user, instead of the user doing it update by update. Just give us a software that does the updates for us and you decide when to push the updates to the devices.

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I think it has not been well understood what @Management meant.
The technical department of Chuwi will publish, when necessary, Bios that correct bugs detected in their products, but what is not going to be done in this forum is to publish the generic Bios of each model since numerous cases of installation of bios have been detected incorrect on devices that have caused them to be blocked.
I do not know why, there is the custom in some users, just receive your device, update the Bios (which is exactly the same as it already has configured) and reinstall the operating system. Often a Bios is downloaded, which they think is more modern, being a Bios not compatible with their device and the brick is produced. This is what we try to avoid and only the bios will be sent from the department indicated for the really necessary cases.

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So you think that hibernation or sleep problems is not a case that needs Bios updating? Because, now on 2020, some features must work, like sleep, hibernation, battery life remaining etc…

I had hibernation issues and that’s why I needed bios update