Product request - Android - hi13 screen size

I use tablets as music readers - the hi13 has the perfect size and proportions for me. unfortunately i can no longer buy them online. an android option would be even better.
is anyone considering a large format tablet? Surface book and ipad pro 12.9 are both far too expensive to justifiy for my use case and the 11.6 tablets are cute but the 16:9 ratio is far too skinny and long to be of any use to me.

You have the UBook Pro tablet with 12.3 "and 3: 2 screen ratio that will serve your needs

How do you install Android on it

you can use an emulator on it like Genymotion, Nox or Bluestack

The point is native Android. I need simple, reliable, not a hack on top of a complex is that does way more than I want already. Also performance on those emulators would be beyond abysmal. Chuwi does make good Android tablets. I wish they were iPad pro or surface
book sized.