Slow everything

Still waiting for a solve to this issue. Start up is horrible and forget trying to go to websites! When you do get on a page and start to scroll you get the great message “Recover Webpage”. I have read the other topics and have even applied/tried to solve this issue. CHUWI??? What is the fix, please?

I have hi10 air and mine system work great :man_shrugging: . You can see in task manager what process is overloading system and try to fix it :thinking:

Thanks. Did that too. Only thing really running out of the norm was the task manager itself.

Well… I know that default windows can be buggy or slow, you can install lite version of windows or LTSB and see if it will work better (but you need to install all drivers manually and if you have no dock-station prepare otg cable because touch probably won’t be work without drivers)

try reseting/reinstalling windows