Smoke comming from Minibook?

Last weekend I plugged in the charger in the Minibook (battery status was approx 25%, and the minibook was switched off) , and upon that moment smoke started to came out of the minibook from the HDMI and usb-c port! I directly unplugged the charger. It was one puff of smoke, with a very clear ‘broken electronics’ smell…

The charger seemed to work properly as I was able to charge my other laptop and my phone. So I opened the Minibook (using an ESD strap) and inspected the logic board for any discolored components. There was nothing. I did start up the Minibook, and it was working. Even the usb-c port was funtioning, and was able to read a usb memory stick. I started a battery analyzer tool, and it showed no abnormalities.
So I connected the charger to a power/energy meter and connected the charger back to the minibook. It was starting to charge as usual; drawing normal power from the power net, and charging the battery as usual.

Normally with some werid software issue or a BSOD which can not be reproduced or explaned I just ignore it. But for now, the smoke can not really be ignored, altough it happened only once, and did not seem to damage the Minibook… I still don’t dare to leave the Minibook charging unattended, altough it seems to work.

Anybody who had similar expirience in the past?

Probably faulty battery. Buy a replacement battery at Aliexpress.

I dont recommend using the minibook with this faulty battery! Could burn your house!

Chuwi does not care about the safety problem. They should do a recall. But they dont.

I don’t know if it was the battery. Smoke came out the usb-c and HDMI port, and not out the regular usb port. If it was the battery who started to smoke then it would exit on the normal usb port .Also the smell was ‘too electronic’, it had a very known burned electronics smell. And would a battery not start to smoke after a while, instead of within a second after connecting the charger?

Contact the seller. Smoke is not a typical behavior of a laptop. The warranty by chuwi is really poor.
Ask for warranty claim at seller and/or chuwi.

requesting waranty with something that can not be reproduced, or without any prove is very dificult. I can say to the seller that there was smoke, but I can not prove it. The Minibook still is working as usual, and at the inside no burned sports are visible.
That, in combination with Chuwi its waranty and the expensive shipping from Europe to China and vice versa won’t be worth the effort.

I can replace the battery myself, or if needed even the entire logic board (I’m an electrical design engineer). But as it is not possible to get these items as spare/replacement the only thing I can do is just sit back and hope the Minibook won’t generate smoke again…

Well, I did found out what the damage is of the smoke incedent. The Minibook can not charge anymore when it is turned off. Charging the Minibook must be started when it is on for at least 2 seconds, otherwise it won’t charge. Meaning when starting the Minibook the first two seconds always are done on battery power. Then a charger can be detected…

This means that when the battery is completely empty the Minibook can not be charged anymore.