[Solved] How to install missing audio driver after fresh windows install

I spent so much time trying to solve this issue, I finally got it working! So I share here the solution.
But first the problem. I had to reinstall Windows 11, and after installation it didn’t find any audio device. I have a GemiBook Pro. 256 / 8.
So I searched on this forum and somebody else suggested this solution, in spanish, so I make here available in english.

Search and install this software: PC HelpSoft driver updater. Make a scan of your computer, it will find several missing drivers. Then select one item that is related to audio, install the driver. Unfortunately the software will not make you install all items at once, you have to reboot every time, but not a problem. I did it three times, I think.
So the first device I enabled was “Intel Smart Sound”, then “Audio Intel for screens”, then finally “ESAuDriver Device”. This last one made a difference. So maybe you only need the last one. Also, names might be a bit different because they appear in italian on my computer.