Surbook automatically shutdown in ten minutes

Hi, I am using surbook.

My surbook is automatically shutdown in ten minutes.
( The time gets shorter and shorter as the frequency of use increases. )
It takes 10 minutes to boot up for the first time, but it turns off within 1 minute as it gets shorter as it gets used.

Since I am in Korea, I cannot ship the product outside of Korea.

Please let me know if there is any way I can take action on my own.

I have confirmed that the battery is charging, and although the battery usage time is short, it is thought that the battery is working.

And Windows was newly installed.
And I Setup the windows power management,… ( All disabled windows shutdown )

It turns off even when the charger is connected.

If the service center is in Korea, I can send it, but since there is no service center in Korea, I would like to know how to repair it myself.

Write to

I write, But not response my message.

Rewrite, many messages have to be answered and some may go unanswered

벌써 4번이나 보냈는데, 아직도 대답이 없네.

최소한 모르면 모른다고 답장은 해 줘야 하는거 아닌가?

이러면, 다시 사용 안하지…