Flash software for hibook

Good day. Please I have this chuwi tablet that’s dual OS. It doesn’t boot more than the logo. I will be glad if you can send me the software to flash both the windows and Android part and also the steps to get it done. I love the product and I really need it working again.
The model is CW 1514
HiB Q64G45160401376

dont touch the Bios

Good day! I have a CW 1514 tablet model with two OSs. Today it turned off and does not turn on. Charging is also not received. Sometimes the indicator on the keyboard lights up. Help me please. Please send me software for BIOS firmware.

The keyboard may have drained the battery completely if you closed the cover before the keyboard light went out completely. Try first to put the charger for many hours -at least 24- trying to turn on if you see the LED charging light flash or if charging is completed.

I stood on charge for more than 24 hours. The charge indicator is off now.

I connect the charging indicator does not light.

I install the tablet in the keyboard lights up and the indicator on the keyboard goes out. Will you help me?