Aerobook body cracks near hinges

Hello. My Chuwi Aerobook broke down after less than two months from the date of purchase. My case is not only one, there were already enough statistics on the forum 4pda and telegram channel and this problem is massive.

The hinges are very tight for this laptop, so either the base of the plastic inner cover comes off, or the cover itself comes off like mine, because everything is made weakly and everything is plastic.

As you can see the entire base is broken, the sleeves for bolts made of plastic either fell out or did not hold.

I don’t know what to do about it. I also had a broken battery. It does not hold a charge for more than 40 minutes, and the laptop turns off abruptly and completely and my work is not saved on it.

The hinges of the screen cover broke and the battery failed. Two months and a new laptop broke down and it is impossible to use. Is it the quality of chuwi laptops?


Sorry to see this. I think you should write to including a link to your video.
For my part I have to tell you that I not only have the AeroBook as my daily laptop since May and working 100%, but I also have other Chuwi devices without any problem: Hi9Air, Hi9Plus, SurBook, LapBook 12.3 " and Vi10 Pro all in use and with the batteries lasting in the latter, which is from 2015, more than 6 hours.For this reason I continue buying Chuwi devices

Have a same crappy notebook. Reared by myself. With same problem.
The Chuwi itself become company with a very low quality.

Write to


  No, I did not recognize any resistance. Or at least I cant


Useless. I wrote them recently about my problem (described here) with no any reply.

Maybe your email has been identified as spam by the system. Please tell me your email address.You can send me a private message if you mind making it public.

Hello! My mail is clear visible in my forum’s profile!
Sure, here it is: nekh_2001{at}

My Aerobook didn’t brake yet. But I have the same problem with the battery, I can’t even use during 20 minutes. And also have sent an e-mail to the after sale but didn’t get any reply.

Ok,tell me your email.

Hi… I also has battery problem and sudden turn off. Already email to aftersale.
my email is

Please check

My email is

I’ve relayed that you may have received the reply.

I’m another one with the same problem, adding to the problem with the battery. Did CHUWI answerd to any of you?

No answer from chuwi. Email them last week about battery problem.

Then please tell your email address.


Unfortunately I have the same issue with body cracks

Just sent an email to . Hope for your help. Thanks

Same shit, man.
No answer. And i got dead battery too!!!

They just asked for the serial number of my laptop and I got no reply.

Please solve the problem!!! we paid for that!! we need a laptop with a good battery as you sold…

Please wait patiently, the after-sale department will reply within 24 hours