Aerobook body cracks near hinges

same as mine. broke at the same place, and the funny part, the repair and aftersales say, i brake it myself and refuse to cover the repair. guys dont buy their products, this is products defect, no matter how many times they repair or replace for you, the problems will come back again. and watch closely for the new 15.6" aerobook, the screen bigger and havier, problems will get faster

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I don’t understand what problems you have with sending it? All my orders from aliexpress are delivered without problems and they do not have any problems.

The after-sales department has sent the device to you for you, and I have sent the tracking number to you privately.

I also have an Aerobook since October’19 and two weeks ago I started experiencing the same problems. The main body started cracking near the hinges, even a small part fell apart. Also, my battery life has been reduced considerably and it is only lasting for 1h now.
After reading your cases, I don’t know if it makes sense to contact aftersales and send my computer to HK. Any recommendations?