Cooling mods

fan noise is crazy loud! has anyone tried a cooling mod and can help?

I’m having the same issue and have asked the question on here, nothing from anyone so far.

I found this which may help?

I’ve yet to try it hopefully can do over the weekend.

Hello, for this problem, you can brush the BIOS. Later, I will update all the official installation packages about minibook.

“Brush the BIOS” as in update it? This would be great. I have seen that the AMT tools show there is an update to the BIOS but I do not dare update it, I do not want to brick the machine with the wrong BIOS?

Finally, I have measured the size of the fan. It is a 4 pole motor, with a PWM controller that is sure wave (sine wave is more silent) and probably a cheap bearing, and a 4 pin connection. Measures 40 mm (43 with the left eyelet) x 37 mm and is 5mm thick. I guess up to 7 mm a fan would still fit there. Can you suggest alternatives to this “Broadway Shenzen Corp” little helicopter?


Sorry, there is no other choice at the moment.We will improve this problem in the near future.

The only solution would be to change the fan. I suppose it should have the same size as the old one. It would be nice if you could send the new fan.

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