How to install linux and modified BIOS legacy

how to modified BIOS in HeroBook (intel braswell e8000) for legacy, what options modified in BIOS for legacy for install and boot USB any system operation install, linux.

All current Linux distros support UEFI booting/installation, so there’s no need for a “legacy” BIOS mode - I don’t see such a mode in my Herobook’s UEFI and it’s not missed at all! Of more importance is Secure Boot mode, which is thankfully disabled by default, making it trivial to install Linux.

I put Manjaro MATE Linux on my Herobook (onto a SATA SSD I installed so I could dual boot with Win 10) and apart from having to install kernel 5.5 to support the touchpad and wi-fi, it was pretty straightfoward. It’s a shame that Chuwi don’t officially support Linux - when it works on their low-end laptops, it completely outshines Windows 10, IMHO.

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I hope chuwi will shake hands with manjaro :wink:

I am one of the Manjaro maintainer and I am happy that a manjaro member actually tried it and everything worked out of the box.

I am here to help users migrate to linux.
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