Android 9 for CHUWI Hi 9Plus

when will android 9.0 Pie Update for Chuwi Hi 9 Plus?

is any other way to update?

I think the answer is no. The plan was to update all x27 processor based tablets to 9.0, but that has apparently changed. Wait for official response from Chuwi

Chuwi is a company which sells cheap hardware, but neglect the update software for users. All their android products has only no Android updates except for security updates only. So once you buy one of their Android products, it will become outdated the first day you receive your package. The HI9 plus (pre-2019 model) still has the inverted Chromecast screen issue. This should have been fixed the first week. But 1 year later, no fixes yet.

The initial market was that x27 should be updated in third quarter 2019, but nothing happens until now!

We are all anxious waiting for that update… and, of course, to have some problems fixed!

No answers from Chuwi team… can somebody inform us? even if bad news! only to see if the team is aware about our messages here!

Answered here: Android 9 Pie for MTK X2* devices

Thanks !! I also searching

does anyone direct android 9 PIE for
chuwi Hi9 Air
my is still android 8.0

your help appreciated

please advise which sytlus pen will work on my tablet


Regarding your first question, read this official statement: the second, yes the Hipen H3 stylus works very well on this device