AeroBook Discussion

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The HD connector on the Aerobook is what type?
Please advise.

It’s Mini HDMI port.

Hello, how large M.2 SSD can I put into laptop?


Check your laptop back side … two screw chamber… just open it and … put here new SSD

Yes, I know that but I’m trying to put there 500GB SSD and sometimes disc shows up in bios and sometimes no. So I don’t know if laptop support 500GB disc or disc is broken. I don’t have another device with M.2 slot to try it’s functionality.

Dear, This Aerobook able to support 1 TB SSD. I think your ssd problem… or please try to contact chuwi officail mail address

My aerobook turn off in few seconds after I turn it on… What is the problem I don’t know please help me to fix it I still have a valid warranty