[Hi10 Air] [Tutorial] How to reinstall Windows 10 for Chuwi Hi10 Air

CHUWI Hi10 Air reinstall Windows tutorial

tools: 16G USB disk,micro USB-OTG cable 、HUB(3 interfaces or more)、 USB interface keyboard,as below


  1. Flash Windows

format the USB disk, as below:

【NTFS entitled WINPE】(it can’t be recognized if not entitled WINP)

Copy the unzipped flash files to the root directory of the USB disk (as below)
Connect the tablet micro-USB to Hub,USB disk and USB keyboard plug into HUB.

Press the power button to turn on (under the Off state) ,at the same time, press F7 continuously to enter the flashing mode.

Via the keyboard”↑“ ↓” to select UEFI: San Disk, Partition 1press "Enter” to start flash Win,it will turn off after flashing.
After the flash is completed, the interface turns green. Press and hold the power button to turn off the power, unplug the USB disk keyboard, and turn it on. The first time boot will be a little longer.



Thanks for the tutorial, but where can we find the flash files? Do you have a download link?


Within the downloads and support section, just look for your tablet model

Installing new Windows is ok but a lot drivers are missing. I tried installing it from here: [Hi10 Air] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Air Windows, driver, Bios download but most of drivers are not compatible.

Installation is ok now.

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