[Hi10 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows, Android, Bios, Driver Download

Nobody can help? What about the previous versions?

I don’t have access to Bios, you must wait for @ Management to be online this Monday.

Hello everyone, how may I download BIOS or Camera driver for Hi10 Pro CW1529 (HQ 64G42170906777)
I have tried many BIOS and drivers from this thread and through the forum but It’s still not working. (some bios stop the light sensor, some recognized the camera but camera doesn’t start and throw error code 10)
Please help. :pleading_face:

Hi10 Pro 1612 BIOS:



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Thanks @Management, do you know, if there’s lineage OS(Android 6) available for my CWI515?

hello I need the most updated bios, android system and windows for chuwi hi 10 pro HQ64G42170104240, can someone confirm what links to use?
On the other hand, what password does the download have?
Thank you

Thanks @Management, do you know, if there’s lineage OS(Android 6) available for my CWI515?

Chuwi does not support the installation of systems other than the official ones, but this is the link. You should check, with your serial number, if it is compatible


Please Help me I think I found the link (Hi10 HQ64G42170100001-Hi10 HQ64G42170300000) but I can’t find the download password.
Thank you

Try en.chuwi.com

that is the password (en.chuwi.com)

Hi, I need bios for my Chuwi PQ64G42161103133.@Management, Help, please!

hi can you give me bios please


dead bios cheap


Hi10 pro 1611, bios:


Thanx! You are the best!:kissing_heart:

Hey, I have the following serial: HQ64G42161203367
It is Z8350 Model, which download should I use?
HQ64 seems to be the second one but the number is smaller then HQ64G42170100001. The earlier models seem to have used PQ64 for the serial though.
I need Bios and Windows please.

Hi,you should have used the 1701 version.

I bricked my HI 10 PRO and need the bios. My serial # is HQ64G42161204475