[Hi10 Air] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Air Windows, driver, Bios download

[Official Version] [4G/64G] Chuwi Hi10 AirDownload:

Chuwi Hi10 Air Windows :http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nxlndr1f48nyf/Hi10_Air

Stylus driver:
Chuwi Hi10 Air Stylus driver:

Chuwi Hi10 Air driver :

Chuwi Hi10 Air 1903 Bios (It was available before the 1906 version):

Chuwi Hi10 Air 1906 Bios (It was available after the 1906 version):

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Could you please provide MD5 for windows files ? Thanks in advance !

Sorry, we can’t. :pensive:

Hi, I flashed BIOS on my device Hi10 AirQ64G1901XXXX but I got my tablet bricked using this BIOS. After flashing it, it powered off and never woke up again… what can I do now? Thank you


If the flashing process was not successful or an erroneous file was used, the device becomes a brick:
The only solution is to reprogram the Bios with a clamp


@Management I just received my Hi 10 Air. But it’s not detecting any Wifi network. I hace 3 routers, it’s not detecting any single one of them.

Please contact with aftersale@chuwi.com

Have you checked if the Wifi device appears in Device Manager? If it appears, does it have a yellow alert triangle?

I checked, and there’s no yellow triangle. It also says device is working properly. Somehow, after many tries, it detected my network, and i managed to connect. But the range was so less, the internet wasn’t even working. Then it got disconnected and again the problem of no WiFi is back. It’s same with Bluetooth. It’s not detecting my phone, and also my phone is not detecting the tablet. Have also made the tablet discoverable.

To rule out a softwsare problem you must perform a factory reset: startup, configuration, update and security, recovery, reset this PC.
Put the charger and let it finish and do not turn it off even if it seems to be stopped, it may take several hours.