[Lapbook Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi LapBook Pro Windows, Drivers,Download

[Official Version] Chuwi Lapbook Pro Windows, Driver Download

Chuwi Lapbook Pro Windows Download:http://www.mediafire.com/folder/iinlbolj10tre/Windows

Driver :
Chuwi Lapbook Pro Driver Download:



I’ve tried three different file extractors and they all give an error for these zip files: corrupted data.
Can some please test the files and if they are indeed corrupt, please upload new ones. (and maybe test them once they are uploaded)
A torrent would be a better choice for uncorrupted download.

Please tell me your serial number.

Serial number sent in private message.

Any update on this?

Bump! Management?

I quote @Management to answer your call. Unable to connect in recent days due to server issues

Hello,I have tested the file and there is no problem. It is only available after you download it and need to unzip it.

Hi @Management can you mirror the files to Mega or other fileshare sites? Mediafire download very slow.

Sorry,I can’t :disappointed_relieved:

After unpacking the file, what is the next step to install Windows 10?